Thursday, August 17th, 2017

5 Beautiful Orikane Flowers Made From Dollar Bills.


Money Origami flowers are some of the most popular folds to master when learning Orikane. A dollar bill rose or any flower for that matter is a fantastic object to give for a tip at a restaurant, they are great for gifts to friends,  family and certainly loved ones . Here are 5 beautiful folds to inspire you on your way.

Money Rose by ~pandacub143 on deviantART

$25 origami money rose by ~pandaraoke on deviantART

origami money rose by ~pandaraoke on deviantART

Three Dollar Flower by ~hiddensecret09 on deviantART

True Beauty Is Not by ~inu07 on deviantART

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15 Responses to “5 Beautiful Orikane Flowers Made From Dollar Bills.”
  1. mummyseamstress says:

    WOW! Simply stunning PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you make a book on how to make one! I am happy to pay for it if you do.

  2. Happyjane says:

    The dollar bill origami rose is beautiful and very inspiring I am making one immediatly.

  3. MikeMyer56 says:

    Great folds guys ;) would love to learn it for birthday gifts.

  4. M.Hohner says:

    I love True Beauty, so delicate and fascinating to look at. I have been learning origami for years and the money origami rose is my favorite fold.

  5. admin says:

    thanks guys, keep them coming! some people are having trouble with the images loading properly in firefox. In this case try viewing the post in Safari or IE!

    Keep Folding!

  6. JazzCat says:

    Gee, I expected instructions on how to do these. I’m quite disappointed.

  7. Rodney says:

    Wow! How timely. I have a request to produce dollar roses for a wedding bouquet. I have been exploring the internet and have found several. I would definitely like to have information on producing the ones illustrated here. They are beautiful.

  8. admin says:

    Goodluck with them Rodney, we are working on some instructions as we speak.

    Jazzcat sorry to disappoint you. We are working on a unique fold as we speak as we need to get around the copyright issue on publishing other peoples work.

    As you can image it is hard to create new folds from scratch quickly and effectively. We hope that you understand ;)

    On that note if any readers have a unique fold that they would be happy to share with us, please let us know so we can share it with the group.

    Keep Folding……..

  9. Mac says:

    I enjoy looking at the interesting pieces, but I want to learn how to do them. I, too, am disappointed when I do not find the instructions included. I’ve gone to various website bookstores, and cannot find any books (other than the 3 I already own). Very disappointing. Does anyone plan to make a book(s) available with the directions for the orikane pieces shown on this website?

  10. Billy says:

    WOW!!! Beautiful. Very inspiring. I have made roses in the past and people love them. But these I can not wait to learn. I look forward to having instruction in the near future. Will there be a book that I can purchase with the instructions?

  11. panecito says:

    exelentes, sigue doblando dolares, son creaciones admirables

  12. xtrmedude says:

    i would do anything to see a vid with rose instructions cuz i need to make some for birthday gifts

  13. Brigitte is the best =D


  14. I am glad you said that!

  15. I need to hear exactly what Justine will say about this??

    Warmest Regards

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